About Artbeat

When inspired and talented individuals get together, amazing things can happen. Artbeat seeks to foster the artistic community at Brown. We bring together people that love art, no matter the media.

Our goal:

Artbeat seeks to promote artistic expression and spread awareness of art and its benefits on Brown’s campus. Inviting students of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to participate in weekly visual arts activities and events, Artbeat strives to bring together artists through visual arts projects geared toward community service, therapeutic self-expression, or for the simple purpose of creating art in a comfortable space.

Who we are:

We’re students and we love art! Artbeat was cofounded by Mandi Cai, Benjamin Shanahan, and Julia Foote (all class of 2017) and officially was registered as a student organization at Brown as of Spring Semester 2015! We’ve put so much work into making Artbeat into a reality and are so excited to see people being inspired by Artbeat, even at its early stages. We believe that Brown’s student body has yet to realize its full artistic potential, but once that happens, with the help of Artbeat, student art and expression will be incorporated into every aspect of school and our lives at Brown, changing things for the better.

What we do:

For more concrete example of events, workshops, and fundraisers we’ve planned and hosted, check out our Projects page. You can find descriptions of past events and more!

Art Workshops

Artbeat hosts biweekly art workshops on Brown’s campus, which cover a variety of artistic venues, including marble printing, silk-screening, tie-dying, laser-cutting, and more. We are always sending updates to our Listserv about coming workshops or you can check out our upcoming events for more information!


Artbeat has planned and hosted a number of collaborations with various student groups, all of which include art, music, food, and free stuff (what could be better than free stickers and t-shirts from your favorite band?).

Artists of Brown

Artists of Brown is a Facebook page, similar to that of Humans of New York. We interview students on and around College Hill about their own form of artistic expression, which is an awesome way for the artistic community to gain a more widespread presence at and around Brown. Have a nomination for someone that you think would be perfect for this? Let us know.


Are you part of an awesome student group at Brown (or elsewhere, for that matter) and want to work with Artbeat on an event or project? Shoot us an email at anartbeataway@gmail.com or check us out on social media. We’d love to hear from you and are open to any and all ideas.